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There's nothing more fun than spotting other gamers in a crowd (well, except for shooting them online afterwards) so we created Gamer Jewelry to make that just a little bit easier. Our team is working on a whole line of jewelry inspired by computer culture and video games.

Even beyond that practical purpose, at Gamer Jewelry we want to embody the spirit of our favorite games and genres in every one of our rings and accessories. To this end we include a detailed description of the meaning of every aspect of our jewelry.

All of our jewelry is forged from sterling silver, gold and other metals and are designed by trained jewelers with millions of experience points. What better way to show off your dedication to video games than A HIGH QUALITY silver alien claw?

As more people share our love of video games, we believe they will also share our pride and express themselves through our Gamer Jewelry. See also Gamer rings, Gamer pendants

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