Gamer Jewelry Presents Gifts for Gamers - Gaming Jewelry

Gamer Jewelry is based in sunny San Diego, California, composed of designers, concept artists, game developers and jewelers. Having jewelers among our ranks, our passion for creativity and innovation has spread from our computers into the physical world with our line of video game based jewelry.

Jewelry is a new direction for our company and for the gaming community. We believe jewelry will allow game enthusiasts to bring virtual reality back into their everyday world and to find and share their passion for games, technology, and computers with their fellow gamers.

When the first video games arose, they were a source of entertainment for only a select few. Only the dedicated could interpret the chaotically moving symbols as numbers and understand when an abstract group of triangles was a sword and when it was a space battle. With the market so small and the graphics so basic, gamer jewelry was still a “blip” on the horizon.

With the launch of the last generation of consoles, games became more colorful, the characters that appeared in the games became more lifelike, and the virtual reality they portrayed really began to resemble actual reality. In these games, the image and character of the main hero was the paramount method of luring players into a virtual world. While this generation of “superconsoles” introduced incredibly realistic characters and symbols, the ground for detailed and meaningful high-end jewelry was still not yet fertile.

However, the most recent advancements in graphics technology represent a new era for gaming; computer graphics are already on the brink of life like reality and could be mistaken for motion pictures in many ways. The noble Homo Sapien is fast becoming the noble Headshot Sapien. The planets have aligned and we feel that the time is right to release our unique brand of video-game themed jewelry!